mdVfitTM is a medical practice that encompasses multiple disciplines to care for and improve the health of its patients in the Denver NC and Lake Norman area.


mdVfitTM is a medical practice operated by Dr. Rod Redelsperger comprised of the following services:


      - MDVIP: Live Healthy with a private doctor focused on you.


          - VFitTM: a unique 3d body scanner that is available at mdVfit to analyze critical body parameters.


               - MedVantage: our weight loss program to help you lose the weight you desire.


                   -  NutraMetrix:  We also recommend and carry NutraMetrix Products for improved health.


                          - Our office is located in Denver, NC.

MDVIP                                 A private doctor focused on you.   
VFitTM by VIRTUALU 3d full body scanner  for  analyzing body parameters.
MedVantage        Lose the weight you desire and live a healthier lifestyle with our exclusive programs!
MedVantage Services Weight Loss Program: Initial Consultation   Monthly Followup Visits
NutraMetrix Products for improved health in conjunction with our services
East Lincoln Wellness

Nonprofit to benefit those who struggle with the cost of medical attention and supplies within Lincoln County, NC.